How to succeed in nonprofit collaborations

Working closely with another nonprofit can be a huge benefit to the public image of an organization, but it also helps raise more funds and garner additional awareness. Combining nonprofit communities and working together to achieve a common goal will have a significant impact. While it may seem like a challenge to work with other organizations, there are significant advantages that will help both charities involved.

The benefits of a collaboration can be experienced by the public as well as behind the scenes. Forbes said working with other charitable foundations can save on costs and improve fundraising ideas, events, enhance leadership within the nonprofit and make processes more efficient. When two groups of professionals dedicated to their causes get together, there is much that both sides can learn from each other. This allows for each organization to strengthen itself from within. Many organizations have seen enhanced programs simply because they chose to partner with other nonprofits that aided them in a time of need.

But the collaboration with another nonprofit shows a community that there is a strengthened mission to carry out cause initiatives and improve its surroundings. Here are four tips from the Chronicle of Philanthropy to a successful nonprofit collaboration:

1. Strong communication
If partnering nonprofits aren't on the same page, the collaboration will end in frustration and confusion. This is less than ideal and not going to accomplish the greater good. Leaders have to work together to achieve a common goal and communicate their needs, resources and objectives to the other organization.

2. Combine resources
Working together means sharing the wealth and knowledge that each organization possesses. The collaboration will be successful if both nonprofits offer up their own resources to make the process much smoother and more successful. Plus, combining resources could help save costs and allow each organization to network for future advantages.

3. Clear goals
Leaders should get together and define the goals of their campaign and collaboration efforts before taking the next step. If the purpose is to drive online donations, increase awareness or run a charity event successfully, leaders will need to make sure they have their goals aligned and are ready to execute appropriately.

4. Humble leaders
Working with other professionals and organizations is not always going to be easy. While it can reap amazing benefits, there may be challenges to overcome. The best way to get through the rough patches and move forward is to be humble and willing to learn.

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