How to sign up for AmazonSmile

AmazonSmile might not be the latest fundraising option on the block for nonprofits, but every cent can count. That's especially true when the donations are tied to purchases customers make over the holiday shopping season. Now the world's largest retailer, Amazon continues to pay it forward to not-for-profits, The Los Angeles Times reported.

An added donation stream
While many nonprofits already accept donations online via their own donation forms, registering for AmazonSmile can bring in a few extra dollars. The registration process is relatively easy. Your nonprofit can sign up with its email address, proof of its 501(c)(3) nonprofit status via GuideStar and a designated supervisor at your organization who can provide the necessary financial information to Amazon, Nonprofit Hub noted.

After signing up, your nonprofit can receive 0.5 percent of any purchase a customer makes if they use the address instead of the usual When patrons try to finalize the transaction, they can choose your organization from a list nonprofits they want their money to support. 

Make it work for you
Don't walk away from your organization's account after you register, though. While your nonprofit only receives half a percent of every purchase - not including the fees for shipping or tax -  it's still a new stream of funding coming to you. However, whether you decide to make it a drop in the bucket or something more substantial is up to your group. 

Nonprofits can make AmazonSmile work for them by getting the word out through email blasts, social media posts or snail mail. Let donors, especially those that give infrequently or in small amounts, know they can conveniently give a little to your not-for-profit whenever they buy something through AmazonSmile. Just remind them to click on your organization when they decide who to give to. 

Remind donors of other ways to give
Offer your contributors plenty of ways to give. Let them know the money you receive through their AmazonSmile purchases is helpful, but gaining their support via your online donation form on your website goes a lot further in helping your organization and its objectives. It's great if they always make future purchases through the AmazonSmile window, but stress the importance that direct donations and volunteering plays for your nonprofit. 

Giving your benefactor a number of fast and user-friendly ways to give back can go a long way. 

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