How to promote an event with social media

Social media has given nonprofits new ways to accept donations online and promote fundraising events and auctions. However, maintaining a social media presence requires effort. Organizations cannot simply post a few links to event pages. Social media profiles should make it easy for potential donors to connect with the organization and share content, according to npENGAGE. 

Fundraising tickets often go on sale between four to six weeks prior to an event, and many organizations experience a drop-off in sales two weeks before the date, WealthWorks said. Nonprofits can use social media to boost engagement in the weeks leading up to the event. Planning content beforehand can help the marketing team know when to post and which social networks to use. 

When creating the registration page for the event, nonprofits should add share buttons so attendees can post messages on their social profiles. This can increase attention because the organization will reach a wider group of people who may not have known about the cause. While social media content can be used to link to the registration page, nonprofits need to ensure they are mixing up their content. 

Social media creates event awareness
Promoting an event or auction through social channels can have a positive impact on attendance, but nonprofits need to plan a strategy to build engagement. Organizations need to use variety when sending out event information, npENGAGE stated. They shouldn't post the same content on Facebook and Twitter every day. Social media can be used to show the target audience the date and time of the event and how they can register as well as information about fundraising successes and a sneak peek of auction items. The message should be varied so attendees and potential sponsors do not get bored of seeing the same information. 

Utilizing visual content can help nonprofits avoid monotony when promoting an event on social media, particularly on Facebook. People are more likely to pay attention to a photo or video than just text. Additionally, nonprofits should build engagement by responding to comments on social networks because it shows the organization is listening. 

Social media can be an effective way to tell the organization's story and encourage people to participate. These networks can help nonprofits reach a new audience when other viewers share content. 

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