How to plan a fundraising gala

Whether a nonprofit organization wants to plan a low-key event or a large, formal gala to raise money for a cause, it is important to plan accordingly and invest properly. This means looking into proper payment solutions for those wishing to donate with credit cards at the event and taking the small details into account. Here are a few more easy, yet significant ideas for planning a gala:

1. Designate a team
Causera's Nonprofit Fundraising Journal said the first step is to name a team specifically dedicated to making the gala run smoothly. A lot goes into a big, formal event, and having a handful of dedicated people tend to the small details can make the night go smoothly. It is also easier if fewer people to be involved and have more control over the process. If too many voices get into the planning, chaos is almost guaranteed.

2. Pick a theme
Having an overall theme to the event will invite guests to learn, become immersed and enjoy their time more. But in keeping a strong theme, it is important to remember the mission and include it in the little details throughout the event, from speakers' presentations to the evening's various activities.

3. Reserve ahead
With a committed team and solid theme to the night, it is important to start booking reservations with plenty of time. This includes the location, caterers, DJs and any other services needed to make sure the event goes off without a hitch. It can be challenging to nail down a venue or caterer at the last minute, so thinking ahead will be a great benefit. The Nonprofit Fundraising Journal says it is best to be flexible on the date and work with venues to see what options are suited for the type of event the nonprofit is holding.

4. Assign volunteers to specific tasks
The night will run smoothly if volunteers aren't running around worried about where they are supposed to help. Take the time to print out a schedule, designate different stations and create a general outline of how the event will run. Place volunteers in specific locations and train them on how to handle their responsibilities properly.

5. Have fun
Attendees will have fun if they see other people enjoying themselves. Have a positive attitude and be eager when it comes to sharing a story or the mission behind the cause of the organization. This is meant to be a powerful and entertaining night for everyone involved.

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