How to nurture nonprofit donors

As the year is quickly coming to a close, it's important to nurture donors and build even stronger relationships with them because the holiday season is where loyal supporters are going to give their money. According to the Nonprofit Marketing Blog, this time of year offers great opportunities to get more people engaged and financially supporting the organization's mission, but only if it's done correctly. Many donors give gifts at the very last minute at the end of the year. If nonprofits can devise a proper fundraising strategy that nurtures and engages potential givers, they will be able to raise awareness and attain the financial support they need.

What is important to remember is that the sooner organizations start their end-of-the-year campaign, the better results they will see. Preparation, meeting one on one with donors and utilizing promotional efforts are all great places to start. The following tips will help take that strategy to the next level:

1. Reconnect with lax donors
When dealing with those who have supported the organization in the past but have been rather quiet recently, start by expressing gratitude for their past gifts and having an open and honest discussion about how they can help moving forward. The Nonprofit Marketing Blog suggests discussing their past interaction, whether it is their volunteering interests or where they gave their money to support the cause and get them excited again about the organization.

2. Work on the "thank you"
It's important to tell all supporters that they are very much appreciated and express gratitude for their works. But it has to be a special thank you. Entrepreneur magazine says that gaining back old customers requires a second look at how to say thank you and if that expression of gratitude is the best possible way to say it. This is applicable for nonprofits as well as this time of year is the best opportunity to revisit acknowledgement letters and website landing pages.

3. Welcome feedback from supporters
Entrepreneur also mentioned the importance of offering the chance for past customers to give feedback. This helps engage people in their experiences and also allows the organization to learn about why they still feel connected. This could be a great idea for nonprofits looking to learn about donor trends and be able to communicate better during the end of the year. This information will also be useful as an online fundraising tool to help improve the message for websites.

4. Target the message as much as possible
Whether dealing with trustees, volunteers, donors, partners or others involved in the cause, make sure they are hearing the most relevant message possible, says the Nonprofit Marketing Blog. To engage donors around the holidays, they have to be really moved and engaged as there are a lot of other financial responsibilities they need to worry about. If nonprofits target the message, they will feel a closer connection and interest to the cause and supporting the organization.

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