How to make your year-end fundraising campaign a success

The end of the year is a busy time for most nonprofits. Some organizations earn a large percentage of their annual revenue during November and December, so it's important to plan for how you will optimize year-end giving. Charities that accept donations online need to prepare their websites for this important time of year.

If you only ask for holiday donations once, you may be missing out. Many charities are starting their fundraising campaigns earlier every year so they can reach donors before the slew of promotional emails from retailers hits their inboxes. Giving tends to be highest at the end of December, so people may not be ready to make a charitable contribution if you send them an appeal earlier in November. Scheduling multiple appeals during the holiday season may increase your chances of securing the maximum number of contributions, according to Business 2 Community. 

One of the most important things to do to get ready for the end of the year is to schedule everything in advance. Because the last two months on the calendar can be very busy, planning when you will send appeals can help you take a more effective approach to your campaign.

How to schedule for the holiday season
Early to mid-November is a great time to assess your donor data and identify patterns, npENGAGE said. Taking a look at last year's trends may help you find the best time to send appeals.This can also help you target high-value donors. Donor data can be used to refine your marketing segments for the holidays, and the top contributors should be included in the first round of fundraising messages. Mid-level donors should be the second round, which can be sent in the second week of December. 

It's always important to plan to say thank you to contributors. This simple step helps keep them engaged in the future. Considering the language you use in the campaign is crucial as well. Instead of asking for donations, using words like "build and "join" gives individuals a stronger sense of personal involvement, Business 2 Community stated. 

It can be challenging to capture people's attention in December with the large number of messages from retailers they are likely receiving. Making the donation process as easy as possible ensures you meet your goals. Directing contributors to your online donation form can simplify holiday giving, especially if the form is user friendly and optimized for mobile. 

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