How to increase the potency of your nonprofit's online donation form

The nonprofit industry has shifted toward a digitally centric landscape in terms of processing donations from outside givers. In recent years the number of online donations has rapidly increased thanks in part to continual growth and the consumerization of technology. It's now easier than ever before to give online or through a portable device. 

With that in mind, nonprofits should be experimenting with the ways they can increase the traffic to their online donation form. There are a number of ways that charities can interact with potential benefactors, including online networks, social media and email to name few. A charitable organization's online brand is a highly important aspect to its success in today's digital age, and even miniscule details like slight adjustments to the wording on marketing messages can make a positive difference. 

Recent research suggests the type of form an organization has is the key differentiator as opposed to the length of the document. A recent Formstack study looked at more than 450,000 online forms created by a wide-variety of organizations across a handful of industries and found that contests have the highest average conversion rate at 28 percent while surveys have the second highest at 21 percent, MarketingProfs said, citing Formstack data.

Conversely, most organization's contact pages had the lowest conversion rates with an average of just 4 percent. These pages are typically lower than others because they're often used for more informational purposes rather than a request that a nonprofit or business contact them directly.

Reach out through digital channels
A nonprofit organization can get directly in touch with potential benefactors using a wide variety of communicative conduits. It's more important now than ever before that charities take advantage of social and online networks not only for their cost-effectiveness, but for the proprietary reason that it's one of the most efficient and rapid ways to get in touch with contributors in today's digitally driven donation ecosystem. 

The stigma that younger generations are the primary users of social media is one that needs to be shed as well. Nonprofits should focus on digital mediums to help engage all generations, especially since older donors are the fastest-growing demographic on certain social platforms at the time. More specifically, recently released Pew Research statistics found that 71 percent of adults surveyed used Facebook in 2013 - a 6 percent increase from the year prior. 

Small changes make big difference
Those figures are especially telling for nonprofits that want to increase traffic to their online donation page. According to Formstack, nonprofits have the second highest conversion rates of the nine industries surveyed, although their success rate was just 15 percent. This can be improved upon through marginal changes, though. Formstack found that slight adjustments in the vernacular used on a donation form can make the world of difference. For example, brands that had used "Submit Registration" enjoyed a conversion rate 2.5 times higher than those who chose "Submit Form."

Nonprofits that wish to increase donation form traffic just need to make slight response modifications on their websites and leverage online fundraising tools like social media and increased donations will follow.

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