How to increase email response rates

There are many charity fundraising ideas that can help a nonprofit spread cause awareness and garner new supporters, and turning to the Internet is one of the most important. Social media and website development are platforms for interested parties to communicate with the organization and show their dedication to their cause. However, email has a much different function.

An email fundraising campaign allows nonprofits to reach out to donors and prospects with a personalized message and donation request. The tactic has many added benefits and it can be a worthy investment, but it will only work if the email is enticing and recipients are motivated to open it. Email can be a fun venture at first, but it can also get old quickly, and this is when response and click-through rates go downhill. Here are five ways to revamp an email fundraising program and increase response rates for better donor engagement:

1. Branding the nonprofit
It's important that donors and potential gift-givers are able to differentiate between charitable organizations. If they don't, they won't have an emotional attachment to one and will subsequently fail to become a lifelong supporter. Make sure the nonprofit has a brand image, a logo and a unique message for followers.

2. Keep donors up to date
Don't let email campaigns get stale by continually asking for money over and over again. This can be frustrating for recipients and lead them to stop opening emails from the organization. Instead, include a newsletter, recent updates and other important messages that may affect their giving.

3. Don't forget mobile
Any marketer will tout the importance of mobile as people access their email on the go. Ensure that emails are mobile-optimized so recipients can open them on whatever device they are using.

4. Write great copy
Rid copy of grammar mistakes, confusing language and other bad writing quirks to make sure the email is an easy read and not going to confuse donors.

5. Follow up
If organizations are looking to increase their response rates but aren't seeing any activity, it may be a good idea to follow up with donors on other platforms and communicate to them that their support is just as important as ever. Let them know how much they're valued and that their donations are a big part of how the organization is able to function.

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