How to increase donations among hesitant gift givers

Charity fundraising ideas should reflect economic conditions and adjust to donor sentiment. There are a multitude of opportunities for organizations to spread awareness for their cause and build a supportive community online, but leading people to donate to the charity during hard economic times may be more difficult than many think. Because of this, it may be best to take a longer look at fundraising and outreach efforts that will get people involved and willingly invested in a worthy cause.

Current donation trends
Advertising Age pointed out many are hesitant to donate to charities because of a "slowdown in national income," and while there is an increase in the amount of charitable organizations, fewer people are giving money to them. This is not surprising news, though it does mean new tactics have to be put in place to find sufficient support for the coming year. Interestingly enough, higher income households are giving less while lower income families are donating more. Ad Age suspected this was because wealthier families are not directly affected or in touch with many of the country's struggling communities and are less likely to give money to organizations that support such causes.

How to adapt
In order to bridge the gap between people and nonprofits, organizations may need to change or increase their outreach efforts. Raising money for charity involves going beyond typical donor communication strategies in these times - it means investing more in donors and their interaction with the organization. If the reason wealthy families are giving as much is really because they are isolated from struggling communities, charities need to make more of an effort to spread awareness and build stronger connections with prospects.

Focus on deeper connections
The Fundraising Detective pointed out marketing efforts are starting to revolve around customer experiences. This is also true with charity fundraising. Getting people to donate online means first building a solid relationship with them and making sure they become truly invested in the cause. Wary spending means people are going to make every cent count, but if they really support the vision and initiatives of the organization, they will feel like the donation is worth it. The Fundraising Detective says it would be wise to make relationships fundraising a priority and be more in touch with donor emotions. This may mean restructuring fundraising departments, but if it will lead to more online donation forms getting filled out and increased awareness, it may be worth it down the road.

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