How to improve donation requests

Sometimes the best way to raise money for charity is to ask for a donation directly. If organizations are willing to put forth the effort for a tactful donation request, they may attract more donors and cause supporters.

There are quite a few things to keep in mind when asking people straight out for monetary support. Charities have to walk a fine line and be able to back up their requests with a solid organization that will use the money to make a significant impact.

Oftentimes it is best to determine what makes the organization unique and explain to prospects how they can help support the special cause with their donations.

How to start
Understanding the organization and having a passionate, strategic approach to fundraising is key. Without a strong idea of what the charity's vision is and how it plays a significant role in the community, leaders will be asking for money just to ask for money.

There has to be a reason backing the request that leads potential donors to see the impact of their contribution down the road. People want to make influential investments that are beneficial for their personal lives as well as the stability of their surrounding community. Therefore, they need to fully support the vision of the cause.

Put together a smart strategy
The Nonprofit Times suggests thinking about the different types of personalities that offer various asking styles when fundraising. By first splitting up extroverted solicitors from introverted ones, organizations can plan how they will approach potential donors.

For instance, socialites and outgoing people are extroverted and can get the job done in a social setting. Passionate, yet quiet and organized activists are introverted, but can make their case and win over prospects because of their intense devotion to the cause.

Think about the ways you can ask for donations

In today's world, there is no shortage of ways that your nonprofit can ask for donations.

Offline strategies might include:

  • Direct mail letters
  • In-person appeals
  • Phone calls to donors
  • Public advertisements (radio, newspaper, billboards, etc.)

But online strategies are just as effective (if not more effective) than offline strategies! These most often include asking for donations via email or text message and then direct donors to an online giving form.

With these asking types in mind, charities can put together their online donation request forms and plan other fundraising efforts effectively. The Fundraising IP recommends conducting research on donors or potential gift givers, laying out the potential challenges and goals the organization faces and proposing the solution each individual's support can help bring about. Always communicate gratitude and follow up regularly to make sure they are kept in the loop and maintain an emotional attachment to the organization.

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