How to get nonprofit staff excited about fundraising

Nonprofits organizations can utilize every medium of fundraising possible, but their efforts will not have any effect unless their staff are interested in and passionate about the cause. Misalignment between employees and fundraising initiatives is a common issue among charitable foundations.

Taking on new funding projects and improving the time spent on donation requests is a big deal, especially when organizations recognize the need to grow in the coming months. Online fundraising, charity auctions and other initiatives are not going to garner as much recognition if teams and leaders aren't committed to their outreach and not excited about the work ahead of them. 

Whether organizations grow tired of constantly raising money or their staff don't support the cause, they need to make the effort to fix the problem. In order to get back into the swing of things, organizations need to energize their employees and make considerable changes. Here's how they can do so:

1. Create a team environment
If a nonprofit doesn't have a close workforce, its members will not have the camaraderie needed to get through hard times and work together to spread cause awareness. A team environment allows people to voice their opinion, brainstorm, keep people accountable and get excited for fundraising initiatives.

2. Encourage people to share their stories
It's easy to forget why a nonprofit means so much to the community if workers have a lot on their plate and lose perspective. Leaders should allot time for employees and fundraising teams to discuss their efforts, relieve stress and share success stories. This time spent together will inspire others and help people remember why their job is so important.

3. Make communication a priority
It's important to communicate with staff to make sure everyone is on the page and willing to take on their roles and responsibilities. Leaders can make this happen by meeting with employees, delegating tasks fairly and creating an environment of open communication.

4. Embrace celebratory measures
Running a nonprofit and constantly taking on new initiatives is never easy, but recognizing a job well done is always important at the end of the day. NPEngage says it's essential that fundraisers get credit for their hard work and the team grows together through thick and thin.

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