How to fundraise to millennials

Every generation is molded by different societal norms, and Generation Y, or the millennials, is no different. Young adults are more apt to interact on digital platforms than any other age group at this point in time, and nonprofits can benefit from understanding just how to utilize the Internet when planning charity fundraising ideas. Harnessing the power of the Web for donor outreach will improve nonprofits' relations with the millennial group and increase support for the cause. Knowing how members of Gen Y interact, view money and want to grow professionally will be an important part of fundraising to them successfully.

Gen Y and the digital realm
Canadian generations have, for the most part, gotten used to digital platforms, though younger people rely on it much more than older ones, according to eMarketer. The report "Canada Demographics: Age-Based Digital Behaviors" compares millennials to other age groups. While heavily focused on digital media, millennials are said to be very money-conscious, more so than other generations. The recession has taken a toll on this group of people and they are reportedly wary of their finances. Additionally, young adults are not only interacting on social media at a much higher rate, but they expect organizations to be much more genuine and sincere on those social platforms. Nonprofits can take this into account as they develop their online presence. Understanding the audience demographic and adjusting fundraising strategies appropriately will make a difference.

Nonprofit Technology Network pointed out that millennials are driven by different factors than earlier generations. For instance, they are more interested in getting involved in the fundraising process than donating. Plus, many young adults get involved because they saw a tweet about the cause by a famous person or friend and thought it was worth looking into. While their reasons for supporting a cause aren't necessarily deep convictions, they are in it for the long haul and are ready to start volunteering as soon as they can. Nonprofits can harness this energy and grow substantially, but only if they target their audience correctly.

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