How to fundraise on a budget

Not every nonprofit has ample room in their budget to extend to fundraising efforts like putting together an online donation request. But there are ways to make this happen without breaking the bank. Taking on new strategies is possible with a little strategic planning and an organized plan of attack.

In order to stick to a budget and make sure fundraising efforts reach potential donors and have an equally significant impact, leaders need to get creative. Having a smart promotional program and utilizing the Internet to lead potential gift-givers to the website can make all the difference. Plus, trying new ideas and coming in contact with different supporters will allows nonprofits to see which tactics work best and which aren't as successful.

Putting together cost-effective charity fundraising ideas is different for every organization. It is important that leaders come up with ideas that accurately reflect the unique vision and purpose for their nonprofit and resonate with the specific donor base that gives to the organization. Here are some ideas to get started:

1. DIY projects
The NonProfit Times suggests trying out YouTube videos produced in-house that are fun and also communicate the internal culture of the organization to interested parties.

YouTube channels with links to the donation website will offer easy access for those wanting to give monetary support.

2. Thank you notes
While this is not necessarily a direct fundraising idea, nonprofits can always say thank you after a donation is made or to volunteers who gave their time for an event. This will show people that their efforts are valued and keep them coming back. Growing relationships is important and it's possible with a simple thank you note.

3. Craft workshops
Fundraiser Ideas suggests hosting craft or other types of relevant workshops that:

  • Get people more involved,
  • Encourage them to interact with the organization more,  
  • And develop friendships with other supporters.

This can encourage camaraderie and grow support even more. The more connected your supporters are, the stronger your fundraising and volunteer base will be.

Additionally, you'll already have great teams set up if you choose to host a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. Donors who already know each other and have connected at previous events will be really excited to participate in a peer-to-peer campaign that helps your nonprofit!

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