How to engage donors with content marketing

Online fundraising strategies are a key part of building a successful nonprofit, but in order to do so effectively, organizations need to look at the bigger picture. Before determining how the organization will encourage people to donate to the cause, it's important to think about what will get people caring first. The support will be much more impactful and sustainable if people are invested in the cause and are driven to take action by their confidence in the organization's ability to carry out it's mission. Generating this dedication is possible with a strategic website content plan and a well-planned editorial calendar.

What one nonprofit does to encourage lasting support
Empower Generation, a nonprofit dedicated to creating clean energy markets for underserved areas in Asia, understands that in order to have the impact it desires, it has to create a community of supporters who have a responsibility to offer their knowledge and resources to those less fortunate. Anna Sternoff, a content strategist and member of the Empower Generation board of directors, said that the goal of the organization is to develop passion and offer steps that will allow people to have a direct impact on the of Nepal, for example. Because the nonprofit is aimed at creating renewable energy, it encourages entrepreneurs to get involved and come up with their own solutions and actionable methods to solve energy problems across Asia.

How content is a key player
Sternoff said the nonprofit wouldn't be functioning if it stuck to a "give-and-go" routine, in which donors send in money and disappear. The way leaders in the organization get people compelled to act is by offering engaging content and using every bit of space on their website to provide statistics, stories, imagery and much more to communicate what the cause means to the communities in Asia it helps.

What every organization can do
Mashable, a social media and online strategy web source, stated that nonprofits have been using content marketing for quite a while. Websites can now offer everything from reports, newsletters, personal testaments, videos, blogs and other varieties of copy that can present the effects and future goals of the cause. Communication is key for creating a successful presence on the Internet and offering online donation services. Nonprofits have to communicate the results of their efforts every year, and doing so effectively will lead to an empowered group of supporters and growing recognition for the cause.

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