How to develop donors out of activists

Building relationships with donors greatly depends on understanding the group of individuals that will provide the greatest advocacy for a nonprofit organization. However, it's frequently not a straightforward process.

Activists are individuals that provide a lot of potential for organizations, because they're normally deeply invested in a specific cause or community effort. In a way, action is preferable to fundraising efforts because of the emotional attachment associated with participating in information campaigns.

However, there are a couple of ways you can turn your activists into donors! Read on to learn more.

1. Create an online space for advocates

The NonProfit Times cited Christine Schaefer, the vice president of community and marketing at Washington-based Salsa Labs, who explained that nonprofit groups should provide a platform for advocacy online.

While charitable organizations will always need feet on the ground to interact with communities and organize philanthropic efforts, online platforms for advocacy give individuals interested in being mouthpieces for an organization an avenue to reach a wider audience. To accomplish this, social media is an important tool that allows a message to be disseminated through multiple channels.

Once your activists have a strong online presence that's tied to your organization, you can start directing them to your online donation page. Whether you send out emails to your activists that explain the benefits of becoming a monetary supporter or you post a link to your donation form on Facebook, you can use online avenues to convert your activists into donors.

2. Keep your eye on the advocacy ball

A crucial aspect to remember is that fundraising efforts require constant vigilance, from the executive director to volunteers. Memphis Daily News emphasized that organizations cannot become complacent during campaigns.

By investing in relationships with their most vocal advocates, nonprofit groups have a resource that will likely transition into lasting donors.

Of course, you don't want to smother your supporters and bombard them with communications at every hour of the day. But you should always be available and helpful when supporters need your assistance or guidance.

Advocates and donors don't have to be mutually exclusive! Use these two tips to transform your advocates into some of your biggest monetary supporters.

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