How to develop a sustainable giving program

Nonprofits don't just want to raise funds for their cause, they also want to develop a community of long-term supporters. The organization isn't going to succeed if it doesn't have a firm foundation of people who believe in the mission, and this starts with having a strong sustainable giving program. If nonprofits can encourage repeat donations and annual or monthly giving, they can develop a solid income and maintain relationships with donors over a longer period of time. Building a group of followers who are willing to fill out donation forms on a regular basis and give their time, money and energy to the organization will allow the nonprofit to rely on their fundraising efforts. If charitable organizations do not have repeat givers, they may not have a sturdy revenue stream or a constantly growing group of supporters.

Why repeat donations matter
Online nonprofit resource npENGAGE pointed out that the word "sustain" means to continue a process and proceed with supportive actions. This is important to note because if donors are not giving on a regular basis, the organization cannot function at a regular rate. The efforts of nonprofit leaders and volunteers are heavily influenced by available funds to plan and execute their charity fundraising ideas.

In order to instigate sustainable giving, nonprofits have to make it easy. Offering repeated donations should be simple and fast, as npENGAGE pointed out. If giving a second time is not a streamlined process on the website, people will not donate a third or fourth time and so on. The first step to supporting a sustainable donor program is by offering reliable payment solutions. Set up the website correctly and work with a payment provider that will help make repeated giving easier for people.

Invest in high-quality technology
Purchasing the right tools will help donors see that the organization values their support and wants to make it a quicker process for those who are interested in monthly or annual giving. Online donations are a great way to increase engagement across the world. Those who support a cause but aren't able to attend functions because of their location can offer funds on a regular basis with the right online donation services. Investing in the donor experience will increase the number of people who set up regular giving.

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