How to develop a proper mission statement

Nonprofits that have a presence on the Internet and want to increase online donations need to think about their payment processing system, but they also need to address their mission statement. The vision and purpose of the organization are an important part of how leaders reach out to potential donors for fundraising efforts. An online strategy involves having a message that needs to be spread across multiple channels for donor outreach, and this is usually the mission statement or some variation of it. The digital channels nonprofits should use offer communication and content sharing opportunities. This exemplifies the need for a strong mission statement.

Many mission statements can have logistical and corporate language, but an NPEngage article by Rachel Hutchinsson pointed out that the most successful and worthwhile messages have clear language that is easy to understand. If multiple people, including potential donors and volunteers, are reading the statement when determining if they should get involved, organizations should make sure it is resonates with them. It is also important to have concise language so leaders can turn to the statement years down the road and still understand the purpose and vision of the organization and be able to carry out its initiatives despite changes that have occurred over the years.

The Houston Chronicle said that most mission statements are developed by the board of directors, but it is also best to make sure the goals of the nonprofit are shared by all members of the organization. The message should include action, direction and measurable qualities as well. The last factor is important down the line if nonprofits add online donation requests and other advanced donating options, as they will need to continue being able to measure fundraising success no matter what the strategy.  


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