How to build engagement with different social networks

Many nonprofits use social media to drive prospects to their online donation forms, and the trend is expected to continue. Avectra, a social CRM developer, surveyed nonprofits on their technology use and found social media is seen as a crucial tool for future fundraising efforts.

"Fundraisers are realizing that the old way of doing things needs to change in order for them to connect with their core constituents and to reach out to a new generation of donors," said Richard Davis, chairman and CEO of Avectra.

Utilizing newer channels of communication can help nonprofits engage with their audience and find unique ways to encourage fundraising.

How nonprofits can leverage social media
Organizations are starting to see the importance of social media as a marketing tool, but some are struggling to create an effective strategy. Nonprofits may not be seeing the amount of engagement they want because they are not tailoring content to the social network, according to an infographic from My Clever Agency.

For Facebook, images can help drive viewer engagement, especially if they are optimized for mobile. Seventy percent of an organization's followers will see posts from their smartphones or tablets. Sending a positive message will encourage people to share content. When adding a link on Facebook, nonprofits should ensure they can track it so they can study how many people are viewing it. This network also allows organizations to engage with followers by responding to comments.

When posting on Twitter, nonprofits should use questions, facts and figures to prompt viewer responses, and links should be shortened to encourage retweets. Twitter posts should also contain a clear call to action.

Pinterest is a social network that is largely centered around images, but photos used on Facebook may not drive the same amount of engagement on this site. For example, images that contain no human faces are shared more often. Images with multiple dominant colors are repinned more often, as are graphics with a portrait orientation compared to vertical images.

Social networks can help fuel awareness of a cause, and they will become more important tools for nonprofits to engage with their target prospects. People tend to seek out causes they care about, and maintaining an excellent presence on social networks can help donors find organizations. 

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