How to better manage nonprofit data

Nonprofit organizations can turn to data to increase their online donations and engage more interested parties. There are multiple ways charities can spread cause awareness on the Internet, but the more focused and targeted the approach, the more people will come to respect the organization. By using data analytics to create a better website and social media experience for people interacting with the nonprofit on such platforms, leaders will be able to start communicating with those who care about the cause and will be personally affected by the goals of the organization. It's important to not only reach out to all possible donors, but also make sure the nonprofit is spreading awareness to those who will benefit from what it has to offer.

The problems of ample data but no vision
NPEngage pointed out that many nonprofits have access to the ample amounts of data Google Analytics and other programs provide, but they aren't quite sure what to do with it. They set goals and understand that they want to increase website relevancy and improve donor communication on the Web, but they don't know how data can help. Making the information actionable is one of the biggest cruxes today's organizations face. However, all they need to do is start simple.

Identifying donors trends and understanding how each individual contributing to the cause can become more engaged in the nonprofit's activities is a start. NPEngage said that by looking at specific groups and prospects, it's easier to understand how to upgrade fundraising efforts, whether through email marketing, direct mail or a simple phone call.

Delegate data management
A good way to get data collection and analysis underway is by turning to the professionals. Online efforts aren't going to be a huge success overnight, and nonprofits will need to invest time into working out a solid approach to a program that allows the organization to accept donations online. But as nonprofit data and networking expert Beth Kanter said, it's always a good idea to hire a professional to make the data management profess easier. Whether this person is already employed at the organization and can fill a new position dedicated to data management or recruiters turn to online professional networking to find the perfect candidate, the effort taken to find him or her is worth the investment.

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