How the Internet opens up a vast world of online fundraising

Most nonprofits likely have an idea of how powerful online fundraising is and how impactful it can be when garnering new cause supporters. However, there are so many different facets to the Internet that organizations may not be taking full advantage of the various opportunities they have to offer online donation requests. Recent statistics show what ways people are interacting online, how nonprofits can reach the most supporters and how these organizations can channel certain donating habits. If charities accept monetary gifts online, they may need to take note and adjust their efforts to engage givers more successfully.

What the stats say
In a guest blog post for NP Engage, Marc Koenig shared an infographic of statistics from the "2013 Nonprofit eBenchmarks Study" that pointed to the overall impact of online fundraising and the underlying reason for so many of today's donation trends. According to the study, online revenue increased 21 percent in 2012, with a 21 percent increase in one-time gifts and a 43 percent rise in monthly giving. One-time contributions are on average $60 while monthly ones are $19. It is also important to note that most online donations are one-time gifts: 89 percent are singular gifts, compared to the 11 percent that are are monthly. 

Depending on the nonprofit's growth initiatives, it may be a good idea to adjust online donation requests appropriately. This may be necessary to either engage donors more or increase their gift amount when they do give. While there are more one-time donors out there, it may be worth noting that while monthly gifts are smaller, they occur more frequently and therefore amount to a great sum donated over time. While $60 seems like a big amount initially, $19 over the course of twelve months comes out to be $228 at the end of the year. Both types of donations are important, but if nonprofits want to keep supporters interested in the organization over lengthier periods of time, they may need to begin outreach activities that encourage monthly donation and long-term interaction.

How to apply these figures to a program
The type of fundraising necessary to get more people involved for the long haul goes beyond having a donation form and strong website design. Those are integral factors, but it means taking a closer look at the bigger picture. Garnering new donors can be an exciting part of managing a nonprofit because, if inspired and passionate, leaders can bring new and cohesive ideas together to make online fundraising successful

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