How social integration is changing the donor experience

Nonprofits can't ignore social media when it comes to fundraising because it increases cause awareness and leads more people to charities' websites to fill out online donation requests. Organizations that accept donations online are able to reach a greater number of interested parties as well as offer various payment options, such as both credit and direct debit. This added benefit makes the donation process much easier and uncomplicated for givers. But in order for online donations to increase, organizations have to utilize social media. Social platforms offer nonprofits the opportunity spread cause awareness, but they have one important factor that many don't always realize right away: Social media is inherently integrated in everything people do today.

The Nashville Business Journal pointed out this key factor when explaining how social interaction has changed fundraising efforts. People want to share their activity with friends and followers, and they want to do so as easily as possible. For instance, once someone completes a donation transaction, they may want to share it on Twitter or Facebook. Instead of opening a social site in a new tab on their Internet browser and posting the information, they will want to just click a button from their donation completion page and go about their day. Convenience and streamlined access to social sharing is key, and if people have to think too hard about their actions, they may not spread a good word fast enough or even at all.

Convenient sharing leads to more than just donations
Having this type of interaction and allowing donors to have a voice in a time of constant online discussion will help increase nonprofit funding and garner attention from prospects. Not only will there be monetary benefits, but nonprofits will start to gather a dedicated group of supporters. These followers will be eager to donate more than just money and start to invest their time, energy and knowledge to what the organization is trying to accomplish. Interaction online will transfer to interaction offline and get people truly involved.

The effect of social media is cyclical in nature and as it garners attention, it prompts people to act, as Maximize Social Business pointed out. It also gets new supporters involved and encourages them to share their own story. It's important to note that a lot of this happens because of the nature of social media, and if charities put forth the effort to initiate interaction and update social platforms on a consistent basis, there will be a natural progression of online donations and supporter experiences.

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