How Pinterest can drive nonprofit fundraising efforts

Not many think of Pinterest as a tool that would play a key role in nonprofit fundraising. However, there are certain elements of the platform that can help organizations spread cause awareness. Promoting a cause on the Internet is a smart path for many nonprofits as it allows donors and prospects to learn more about the organization and leads them to fill out an online donation request form. Other social platforms have significant features that charities can take advantage of to raise funds, and Pinterest is becoming one of them because of the nature of the site. More brands are advocating products and services for audiences by sharing inspiring photos, educational infographics and much more, and nonprofits need to get in on the action.

Why Pinterest?
Pinning and linking to outside resources is an important aspect of Pinterest, but the social platform is also heavily driven by visuals. Nonprofits are improving their online presence, but they need to personalize their causes. This is where photos come into play. They offer a closer look at what the organization is achieving, its future goals and how it is having an impact on society.

Social Media Today wrote that Pinterest is becoming a key player in how charitable foundations are sharing their stories with more people. This is possible with the boards they create and the pins they collect. The sources suggested pinning links about the nonprofit that tell a story of how it began, what values it shares and where it is hoping to go in the future. Photos, articles, videos and community events are great for this type of board. But it's also important to educate readers on the nature of the organization. Set aside a board that is strictly educational and provides research, stats and news pieces that revolve around the type of work the organization does. Another board should put a face to the organization's initiatives and offer calls to action. Pin pictures of volunteers, tell their story and ask followers if they want to become part of the nonprofit's journey by receiving newsletters, becoming a volunteer or even by filling out donation forms.

How to start
The first few steps to creating a Pinterest account are incredibly easy. Maximize Social Business stated that nonprofits should create a profile that includes the vision of the organization, a short history and links to the website. Begin with a few boards that are inspirational, educational and actionable, and once a team of leaders has brainstormed ideas, get started with new, concentrated Pinterest efforts.

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