How nonprofit inbound marketing can increase online donations

Nonprofit organizations have a lot of options available to spread cause awareness and increase online donations. Charity fundraising ideas can span the offline and online realms and there is no limit to the creative ways organizations can share their passions with others. Advocating for a worthy cause is one of the most important parts of running a successful nonprofit, and that starts with smart inbound marketing tactics. Promoting a cause will increase awareness, community support and online research about the organization. Nonprofits can attract new donors and volunteers with inbound marketing and allow it to become a successful and growing organization.

How marketing works for nonprofits
Inbound marketing in the context of nonprofits means providing content on the Internet that supporters and potential donors are drawn to, according to Business 2 Community. This means sharing intriguing social media posts, offering encouraging and inspiring blog posts or improving website content so people become enamored with what the nonprofit has to say about the cause. Not only will this increase the number of people who fill out online donation request forms, but it will get people advocating for the cause on top of the organization's original marketing efforts. Here are a few ideas to start out with:

  • Provide educational information. Keep people in the loop about the latest research, studies, achievements and other important information that will allow them to increase their knowledge about the nonprofit and make a more informed decision about the group they are donating to. Also include social media channels on the company website that link to additional educational content.
  • Include volunteers and donors in posts or stories. Call out those who have been loyal supporters of the cause over the years. They will feel special and it will help put a personal touch on the organization. Sharing the memories or community impact of a recent fundraising event will get people excited and put them on watch for upcoming ones.
  • Easy donation forms go a long way. Stay away from lengthy forms that will distract people from the website or social media content. Instead, have short forms that allow people to donate quickly and continue reading. It might be a good idea to offer an email sign-up as well so they can receive newsletters.

As nonprofits start creating more content that will help them gain visibility on the Web and spread cause awareness, they should prepare their website for an increase in online donations and general traffic flow. Quality online payment solutions should be a priority along with fast-loading web pages and a site that is easy to navigate.

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