How fundraisers can win over a crowd

Hosting a fundraising event, whether it is a formal gala or informal raffle event, can be a golden opportunity for nonprofits to build lasting relationships with donors or potential givers. These big events that invite new and returning people to support a cause can strongly impact attendees if fundraisers and organization volunteers are armed and ready to have meaningful conversations with people. The No. 1 tool for proper fundraising is a great story and the ability to make a difference by showing examples of how the organization matters to the bigger picture.

Getting the donors to relate to the mission of the nonprofit and develop a personal affinity for how it is changing the world will win people over for the long haul. Not only are galas meaningful because they gather a community of supporters and donors together for a fun evening, but they also are a place for people to share their stories and show others how their lives have been impacted by the organization's mission and work. It is a powerful time, and nonprofits can use those moments to show a great impact to potential donors. A recent article from npENGAGE stated that stories are the driving force behind fundraising and instigate an emotional attachment to the cause. Telling a strong story starts with using names of real people, speaking to the heroic aspects of the organization and stopping just before the end of the story so people are left desiring to hear more about it.

While each in-person fundraising tactic can be changed and altered to fit the situation, people in general love to hear stories and enjoy knowing what type of organization their money is going to. Oftentimes there is more that meets the eye with nonprofits, and it's important for workers, volunteers and donors to show how their lives have been changed by simply giving to a worthy cause.

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