How data management affects the donor experience

As more nonprofits invest in online fundraising tools, the data and information gathered on givers increases almost twofold on a daily basis. The high volume of data charities collect needs to be adequately managed if the organization wants to provide donors with a memorable giving experience. If nonprofits are unable to manage their fundraising and donation data, they may not see the full potential of their online solutions. Starting with simple fixes and building a better retention program for givers will open new and exciting doors for the organization.

It's never too late to start
Nonprofit Technology Network pointed out that even though the donation and stewardship process may be working perfectly, there is still room for error if data isn't managed correctly. If organizations accept donations online, they have the opportunity to collect information on donors that will help improve their experiences moving forward and keep them engaged in the cause. However, a small mistake with the data management process can become an issue. Luckily, learning to deal with donor information is simple if employees are willing to learn more about the collection and storage of this data.

The NTEN article suggests first coming to understand how and why donor information is collected. Each organization will have a different reason for collection, but the management and internally processes of data should be similar across nonprofits as a good routine will harbor the best results. Each department within an organization should work together to accomplish data goals. For instance, marketing or promotional teams need to be in contact with IT departments on a regular basis to discuss and plan together the future of recently gathered data. When these two groups of employees are on the same page, the nonprofit can successfully move forward engaging more potential givers and encouraging repeat donations.

Seeking greater success
A handful of nonprofit fundraising experts spoke with npENGAGE and told them their best tips to reaching today's donors. Many said to be creative and unpredictable, but also kind and thoughtful. To think outside the box and give donors what they really want to see, organizations need the right data management skills. These will allow fundraisers to truly know their demographic and speak to its needs. Establishing a strong program to raise money and awareness for a cause isn't possible without the proper information management system.

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