How data is influencing nonprofits

Technology is playing a huge role in how nonprofits grow and make a difference. From employing online donation forms to gathering information about the communities they work in, data and digital advances are allowing charitable organizations to go above and beyond what they ever could before. This is a big deal for many nonprofits because they are able to put their funds to good use and truly impact those they are helping.

When it comes time for a charity to begin a fundraising program, it needs to take into account how it will reach out to potential donors. NP Engage says it's best to think about the resources at hand and plan accordingly. Organizations should envision what they are trying to achieve in the long term and then turn to the data and technology they have to make that happen. For instance, if leaders want to gain a certain amount of donations a year, it may be important to invest in payment processing options that will allow donors to fill out online requests. However, nonprofits need to prioritize what it is that should come first, whether it be fundraising, volunteer management or event planning to help spread cause awareness. Doing so will help figure out what action needs to be taken and what resources to invest in.

But once fundraising programs are started and monetary support allows the charitable foundation to grow, the nonprofit can use the technology at its disposal to improve the cause's efforts. A Time magazine article showed that medical brigades are not only going across the world to help others and bring about awareness for diseases and medicine, they are also collecting data. They are doing so in order to better understand the environment and make an even bigger and more positive impact in the future.

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