How a nonprofit can finish the year strong

The end of the calendar year is typically crunch time for nonprofits as they both plan for next year and give a final push for their holiday fundraising campaigns. Your organization might already have its end-of-year fundraising efforts in place, but there are additional options a not-for-profit can tack on to its big campaign to ensure it finishes the year out strong. 

Keep these steps in mind so your organization can power through the end of November and all of December:

Prepare your website
If your fundraising campaign already mailed out announcements and asks to your donor base, then prepare your nonprofit's website for added traffic. Even though you sent solicitations out through the mail, some contributors could choose to give through your online donation form. Make sure your Web pages are streamlined and optimized so your donors can give with ease.

A nonprofit's donation forms should match the rest of organization's website and shouldn't redirect contributors to a third-party site in order to give, according to Getting Attention, a nonprofit marketing website.

Challenge your donors
Do you have large corporate donors? If so, your nonprofit could ask them if they would be willing to match individual donations so your organization can meet its year-end goal. This popular way of fundraising can encourage smaller contributors to donate since their pledge will go further to helping your nonprofit, The Muse suggested. Pairing your website along with an email and social media marketing effort can get more donors involved. Meanwhile, putting a countdown clock and a real-time measure of the percentage of funds raised can give your last-minute push more urgency. 

Send out reminders
Add to your initial fundraising campaign by emailing or phoning past donors in mid-December about your end-of-year efforts and inquire about their plans to give. Because of the busyness of the holidays, some contributors forget to donate until the eleventh hour, Nonprofit Hub reported.

Besides direct contact with individual donors, make sure to keep the public abreast of your fundraising goals and where the initiatives stand via your organization's Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts. Doing this could remind some of your followers to send in a contribution or at least share the information with their friends and acquaintances over social media. Keeping your social media pages updated can get your organization more exposure especially when it needs it the most. 

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