Harnessing the power of email

Email is a valuable tool your nonprofit can use to encourage people to make donations. Implement a strong strategy and ensure that your messages contain interesting and compelling content that calls recipients to action.

Report indicates strong fundraising growth online
According to Blackbaud's annual "Online Benchmark Report," online donations are increasing steadily. This result was anticipated due to the massive integration of the Internet in our daily lives.

Email is among the stronger platforms used to gather donations. A 60 percent increase in emails delivered was evident from the report. In addition, the number of individuals providing their emails to nonprofits jumped 72 percent.

Along with an influx in total emails sent and received, donations through email increased 15 percent, npENGAGE noted. Nonprofits using email depend largely on this method of fundraising. Ensuring that your nonprofit makes the most of each email it sends is crucial to receiving a higher number of contributions toward your cause.

Strengthening your emails
Marketing Sherpa, a research institution, recommended giving your email strategy a facelift. You can improve the messages your nonprofit is sending to recipients by making a few tweaks. For example, take advantage of the subject line of your email. Make sure the message is punchy and to the point. If your intention of sending the email is to receive a donation, be straightforward with your request. Consider including a call to action right away. Remember, the subject line is the first thing a recipient will read; ensure that it is strong.

While you should keep your emails shorter because of how quickly people like to scan their inboxes, making your content interesting and compelling can help get an emotional response out of potential donors. Share a quick success story that was possible because of a donation or include a visual to quickly relay information.

It is also important to ensure that you make donating convenient, quick and easy to access. Being direct is key to successfully gathering donations. Link phrases like "donate now" or "contribute to our cause."

Showing gratitude
If someone gives you a donation or even just opens your email, it is important to thank the individual. Include a brief thank you at the bottom of any email your nonprofit sends expressing your gratitude to the recipient for reading the content and taking time out of his or her day to learn more about your mission. 

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