Getting started with nonprofit technology solutions

As nonprofits start to research accepting donations online and other fundraising tactics for the Internet, they will come across many technology solutions that can help with this very subject. Payment processing solutions are an important part of the nonprofit world these days as they help organizations build their donor base and allow people to give whenever and wherever they would like. Making giving to nonprofits convenient and easy has been a breakthrough in the industry as more people have become engaged with the causes they support. While the World Wide Web is constantly changing and new Internet fundraising efforts evolve quickly, nonprofits can't go wrong by starting to accept online donations.

Having a plan
Start narrowing down the technology necessary to improve the donor experience by researching the industry trends and writing down what the nonprofit is looking to get out of an investment in payment solutions. Ensuring everyone is on the same page and has similar objectives will make for a much smoother transition when adapting to the technology. Plus, if everyone knows what metrics to measure from the beginning to see if the extra efforts are paying off, they will be able to discuss thoroughly at different benchmarks throughout the first year of using the technology.  

Spreading the word
Once a payment processing system is in place, make sure to let donors and potential givers know that they have more than one donating option. Link to the online donation form on social media platforms, website landing pages and other Internet resources that will catch potential givers' eyes. Promoting the benefits and ease of donating online will engage more people and give them the opportunity to make the technology investment worth the while for nonprofits

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