Get to know donors for improved mobile giving campaigns

Donors aren't necessarily strapped to their desktops and laptops for eight hours per day anymore. Instead, people have embraced technology - including smartphones and tablets - that allows them to access content online from virtually any location that provides an Internet connection. Accordingly, charitable organizations should pay greater attention to the role mobile donations play in fundraising campaigns. 

More donors going mobile
In fact, Nonprofit Technology Network, citing recent research conducted by Artez Interactive, indicated as much as 15 percent of user traffic to the firm's online fundraising pages in a given month stemmed from mobile devices. Going further, the nonprofit news source Third Sector referenced data collected by the U.K.-based Disasters Emergency Committee which found £6 million, or nearly US$10 million, out of the £65 million donated to Typhoon Haiyan disaster relief in the Philippines was contributed from a mobile device.

Getting even more specific, £4.4 million of mobile donations were provided through an iPhone or iPad, which means that nonprofit organizations not only need to look closely at mobile usage but also the operating system donors have on their devices.

Get to know individual donors
To accomplish this, charitable groups should gather as much data as possible about their donors. In doing so, nonprofits can develop donor profiles to create more targeted appeals, according to each donor's preference. Frequently, this requires maintaining a clean and integrated database of donor information. The payoff comes in understanding donors to a greater extent, offering them services and information that is most relevant to them. While a nonprofit might accept online donations, certain donors will be expecting and want to be able to give through their mobile device.

As NTEN suggested, people aren't necessarily pinned to a single place, and they look for the option to interact with a charitable foundation or any philanthropic group while commuting between locations. At the same time, fundraising campaigns geared toward mobile technology give donors a better opportunity to engage in peer-to-peer fundraising communications.

Mobile giving continues to gain further traction, and charitable groups need to have strategies in place to offer donors the resources they're looking for when interacting with a nonprofit organization.

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