Gear your giving base toward large donations

Asking donors to move up in terms of their level of giving isn't always easy for nonprofits but the results can provide a lot of benefits.

The concept of the donor pyramid, moving supporters along from occasional contributions to regular donations to large gifts, was recently discussed on GuideStar's authoritative blog. Claire Axelrad claims that the donor pyramid is dead because,

"Simply superimposing an energy flow on top of a static model is not going to cut it. Why? Because the pyramid model assumes you’re in control. You’re not!"

Instead, Claire suggests that nonprofits get on board with more technologically-advanced fundraising methods - and quickly!

She claims that simple throwing up a Facebook page and a Twitter account and having an intern post a few statuses a week isn't going to do your nonprofit any good when it comes to fundraising.

Instead, pay attention to who is giving, when they're giving, and how much they're giving. Don't get so hung up on squeezing every single donor into a donor pyramid. 

Focus on building strong relationships with each of your donors, regardless of how much money they give or how involved they are in your nonprofit.

Donors who want to give large donations will do so in their own time. And while your nonprofit can help guide them to a larger giving level, it's foolish to think that you can force them to give more than they're comfortable giving.

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