Garner online donations year-round with steadfast outreach

Charities should spread cause awareness throughout the entire year and encourage online donation requests on a regular basis. This will show donors the organization is trying to involve people, make the cause more known to the community and create strong connections with others who support the charity's initiatives. Structuring the website and optimizing online donation options for a steady increase throughout the entire year can help make the cause a household topic and include donors as an integral part of growing the organization.

Developing a website optimized to promote online donation forms and bring prospects and past donors to send an electronic gift isn't hard. It's time to think like a marketer and  understand how the donation process works for most people. Tailoring tactics to the particular website and organization initiatives is important as well and something to keep in mind when planning objectives and the call to action.

Optimize all channels
NP Engage says to center outreach efforts around the organization's initiatives and encourage people to visit the website on a regular basis to see what's new in the charity's world. Email segmenting and multiple device optimization are key to creating more conversations about the brand where and when donors desire to do so, thus increasing conversion rates. In order to provide an experience that best fits donors' preferences and gets them involved in the cause year-round, charities can start testing different approaches for website layout, emails, social media and other outreach efforts. This will help move the so-called marketing tactics along and keep people invested in the organization and donating steadily throughout the year.

Don't be afraid to ask
But while a strong editorial schedule and site structure are essential, nonprofits also have to be more vigilant about asking people to take the next step. Outreach efforts can build the organization up and get people excited for the cause, but there needs to be a strong online donation request that leads prospects or past donors to fill out the form. Once they have fulfilled the request, it's also a great idea for the charity to communicate the impact their money is making with the cause.

Wired Impact says the best way to let people know how their donations are making a difference is by showing them with photos, videos and interviews displaying results. Donors want to see the organization progress and continue to move toward its goal throughout the year.

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