Fundraising best practices to maximize donations

Successful fundraising efforts often involve knowing when a prospect is ready to donate and creating a compelling story. Nonprofits that accept donations online can turn to fundamental principles to maximize gifts. To quickly grow fundraising revenue, charities need to focus on the basics. Any Internet efforts should be in line with these strategies.

Nonprofits need to form long-lasting relationships with donor to keep fundraising revenues high, according to The Fundraising Authority. This requires prospecting for new contributors and cultivating the relationship before asking for donations. Nonprofits that don't spend enough time building the relationship before requesting gifts or never directly ask for donations can hurt their revenues. The imbalance between planning and action can be an indication charities are expending too much effort planning and not enough time taking action. Fundraising is hard work and takes constant work to grow donations. Some planning is necessary to map out donor relationships, but the main focus for nonprofits should be working to encourage donations.

Although nonprofits need to maintain relationships with their current donors to keep revenue coming in, fundraising revenue will never grow unless organizations target new prospects, The Fundraising Authority said. However, once a solid connection has been established between the charity and repeat givers, nonprofits can ask their current donors to refer friends and family members to the cause. 

Online donation forms support fundraising strategies
It has become more important for charities to maintain an online presence to increase awareness, and creating ways for individuals to donate on the charity's website can improve fundraising efforts, The Nonprofit Times stated. Since the Internet is playing a more significant role in people's lives, making it easy for an individual to move from researching a cause online to donating can help organizations make the most of their fundraising efforts. 

The easier the donation form is to fill out, the more likely people are to give. Organizations can increase gifts by optimizing their donation pages. Not only are people more likely to donate if the form is simple, but small adjustments can also increase the amount given. Nonprofits should assess the minimum information that allows them to collect a gift and maintain a connection with the donor in the future. Removing a few fields in the form can be the difference between receiving a donation a contributor abandoning the page.

Since mobile browsing accounts for a significant portion of Internet use, organizations may want to consider optimizing their donation forms for mobile, according to The Nonprofit Times. If a form has small fields and submission buttons, it can be difficult for users to donate from mobile devices. 

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