Fraud Alert: Credit Cards from Brazil

The issue:

We have recently noticed a rise in fraudulent transactions relating to credit cards originating from Brazil.  We believe this to be the work of one or more aggressive fraudsters who are testing stolen credit card numbers on charity websites using a technique known as card tumbling. 

How to protect your organization:

Our customizable fraud prevention tools can allow you to restrict transactions from credit cards where the bank identification number (BIN) is from a specific country.  iATS clients can simply log into the iATS Payments customer portal, navigate to ‘User Profile’ and select ‘Fraud Tools’.     

Additional resources and support:

To learn more about the impact of credit card fraud on non-profits, check out our white paper or infographic

If iATS clients have any questions about activity relating to your merchant account or how to use our fraud prevention tools, they can simply reach out to iATS Payments Customer Care at 1-888-955-5455 or  

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