February's monthly news roundup

Ensuring that you have access to information regarding new developments in the nonprofit world and valuable tips for improving your organization is one of iATS Payments' top priorities. In February, adopting new payment processing methods, mobility and security were some of the more important topics we explored. Here are our three most popular articles from last month:

Nonprofit ACH payment processing
As individuals become more confident in their employment and monetary situations, donations become increasingly more appealing. To help increase the likelihood that a potential donor makes a contribution to your nonprofit, offer a variety of payment options to interested benefactors. Automatic Clearing House payment processing is a cost-effective way to accept gifts.

In addition, this payment method does not experience rejections as often as debit card payments because people change bank account numbers ess frequently than they get a new debit card. Implementing an ACH payment processing method can help increase the convenience of donating and increase the amount of money you are able to put toward your nonprofit's cause.

Keep your nonprofit safe from fraudulent activity
Charities are at a higher risk for various forms of fraud. It is crucial to protect your organization from these different types of criminal activity. In addition, your nonprofit could be forced to pay a chargeback fee or even lose items sold during an online auction. Protect your organization by knowing how to monitor for suspicious donor activity. For example, be cautious when individuals want to make a large anonymous donation or if a benefactor has unusual demands.

Ensure that your nonprofit is always aware and on the lookout for this type of criminal activity. There are a plethora of negative outcomes that can result from fraud. Aside from monetary issues, donors may be hesitant to make contributions if your nonprofit has a history of dealing with this crime. Take precautions to help cut down on your risk.

Creating a mobile friendly website for your nonprofit
Due to the prevalence of smartphone and tablet use, developing a website that can easily be navigated on a mobile device is crucial. In recent years, donations made on a mobile device have increased substantially. Embracing the trend of continual smartphone or tablet use to make browsing and donating more convenient can encourage the further success of your nonprofit's mission. You can accept online donations and ensure the process is quick and easy by creating a mobile-responsive design for your organization's website.

These were our best-performing articles during the month of February. Implementing additional payment options, such as ACH payment processing can help your nonprofit save money and offer more options to your benefactors. Accommodation is key, and developing a strong mobile-friendly website can encourage more donations as well. While providing your donors with convenience is important to increase the number of contributions, ensuring that donations are made without fraudulent intentions is also crucial. Check out our blog for more news and trends in the nonprofit world. We hope you enjoyed these articles!

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