Enhance your donation form to drive giving

As more commerce moves online, it makes sense for nonprofits to focus significant efforts on creating the most efficient donation forms possible for both computers and mobile devices.

Simplification, time-saving measures and usability across all platforms should be the overarching goals for successful improvement of an online donation form.

Keep it simple

Most of the work of bringing in donors is done before they get to the actual page where they make their gift. When they've decided to not just visit your nonprofit's website but follow the link to the donation page, they're ready to contribute. Make sure your donation form isn't asking for extraneous information, which can slow the process down, or distracting potential donors by having much of anything besides a simple way to donate.

Make it quick

Following these concepts of simplicity and time savings, try to do whatever you can to minimize the amount of time spent on the process.

Having necessary fields auto-validate before the submit button is pressed will stop a possibly cyclical process of a donor entering forgotten information in one area but having another piece, like their credit card number, removed when the page reloads. The step-by-step validation also increases confidence.

Make it mobile

To make sure your donation form is easy to use on mobile devices, make sure to either incorporate flexible design elements or create the entire page to be mobile-friendly.

More than half of all internet searches are now made on mobile devices. Chances are, many of your donors are finding your nonprofit's website on their phone and deciding to make a donation right then and there.

If your website and donation page aren't mobile-responsive, you run the risk of missing out on that donation.

Once a donation is made, don't forget to say "thank you" to donors. Acknowledging their contributions helps build trust and a consistent donor base. Sending personalized thank-you notes is a good start. Other important aspects of showing gratitude include making contributors happy about their gift without asking for more money and explaining with some amount of detail how the money will be used.

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