Engage visitors and offer clear ways to get involved on your nonprofit website

Your nonprofit accepts donations online, and you've optimized your website to be mobile-friendly, but now you want to figure out how to make your message stand out, attract donors and resonate with visitors. Even if those first hits don't immediately turn into donors, you'll want your charitable mission to stay with them to pique their interest and encourage return visits to your Web page.

While the goal is to branch out and include as many potential donors as possible, you will want to narrow down your range to target givers most effectively, npENGAGE advised. Consider who you attract as volunteers or visitors to events along with the demographics of your current donor pool. Then, offer opportunities for your visitors to get deeply involved and invested in your organization.

One way to do this is through the tried and true form of using blogs and social media to tell your story. This is where you want to make sure your message and marketing resonate with the visitor. In essence, keep it simple, surprising, clear and credible, Tech Impact reported. Don't overwhelm your visitors with text and what you do share should be intriguing. Yet, be wary of shock value that's not credible. Aspire to be an expert in your field and tell stories - even emotional or sentimental ones - that are accurate and show your validity and dedication.

You'll want your newly engaged potential donors to take what they've learned from your blog and your marketing campaigns and get involved. This is where you Web design comes in: It should be exceedingly easy for them to find information about your organization, volunteering, donating and learning more. Invite your website visitors to become a part of your online community, encouraging future involvement and donations.

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