Engage first-time donors for a strong fundraising year

Building a strong fundraising program relies heavily on the sustained giving of loyal donors and repeated giving. Developing a lasting relationship with people who are committed to a cause is one of the most important things fundraisers can do. If donors give once, it's simply not enough to keep the program growing over time. As npENGAGE pointed out, organizations need to develop one-time donors or website visitors into followers and repeated volunteers. If nonprofits have the correct online fundraising tools and are dedicated to growing their donor bases, they will be able to increase the amount of donations for the long term.

Spruce up calls to action
Calls to action are an important part of online fundraising, especially if fundraisers want to reach their target audiences. Websites are meant to lead visitors from one page to the next and get them excited about donating to the organization and making a difference in the world. The npENGAGE article suggested focusing the CTA on making the donation relevant, easy and purposeful. This essentially means donation requests should be attention-grabbing, offer a simple way to give online and ask for their information afterwards with the intention of keeping in touch with them.

Say thank you
A little bit of gratitude can go a long way. When it comes to thanking first-time donors, make it a point to tell them how much their gift means to the organization. Tri Point Fundraising suggested sending a thank-you letter to donors soon after they give so their interaction with the nonprofit is fresh in their mind. In addition, sending a personal letter instead of a generated email or text will make a big difference and give the person a feeling as though he or she has a personal connection with the cause

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