Embracing the digital age

In this digital age, it is crucial that your nonprofit is able to pull in a high number of online donations. They are a convenient way for benefactors to contribute to your cause. Ensuring that donors can easily access this option and are fully aware of your nonprofit's mission is important to achieve success.

Accepting online donations
The first step to increasing the number of gifts your nonprofit receives is checking that you are capable of accepting contributions online, noted the Nonprofit Hub. If you do not currently have the ability to do so, connect with a payment processing provider and discuss options.

You will want to make sure that your nonprofit can accept multiple forms of payment to help encourage potential donors to give. Accept credit cards, debit cards and automatic clearing house e (ACH or direct debit) payments if you are able to.

Increase mobile access
According to npENGAGE, having a mobile-friendly website is crucial to your nonprofit's growth and continual success. Ensure that your online donation forms work cohesively with all different smartphones and tablets.

Simplifying your site can also help users navigate through your information if they are browsing it using a mobile device. Ensure that your donation button is prominent and easy to find.

Having a lot of clutter and banners can be distracting and even deter a benefactor from making a contribution to your cause. Keep the design crisp and simple. In addition, making donations easy can help increase the number of gifts. 

Capture and keep attention
Using strong imagery and compelling stories and integrating various forms of media can help you reach more people and get their attention. While it is important to lead Internet users to visit your website, once they are there, it is crucial that you capture their attention and encourage them to donate.

Compelling stories, data and information can trigger an emotional response and result in a gift that goes toward furthering your nonprofit's mission.

Infographics are a particularly powerful tool that can help you provide information or data in a succinct and easily digestible way. Use visuals to capture the attention of potential donors and encourage them to contribute to your mission.

Repetitive giving
Give donors the option to give a recurring gift when they make online donations. Allow them to adjust the amount and frequency of giving. This can help improve the total amount of money you are able to contribute toward your mission long-term.

In addition, you can count on a certain amount of money each month from recurring gifts. This can help you further develop your mission due to a more dependable number of donations.

Suggest a donation amount
Giving donors a variety of options for amounts they can contribute to your nonprofit can help increase the gift size. Provide an option to personalize their donation totals.

You may want to include what various gift sizes translate to for your nonprofit. For example, a $25 donation may feed a family of four for a week, and $50 may buy school lunches for 10 students every day for a week. This can help benefactors to donate larger gifts that will continue to help your nonprofit grow. 

Don't forget a donation receipt
Donation receipts are proof that a donor made a contribution to a nonprofit. They are used to claim deductions on tax returns.

In the past, nonprofits had to individually send out donation receipts via direct mail. 

But with online giving, your online donation page software can automatically generate a donation receipt that goes straight to the donor's inbox. It's as easy as 1,2,3.

Being able to accept online donations is crucial in the 21st century. Follow these tips for the greatest online fundraising success.

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