Email marketing is on the rise

Charitable foundations are aware that the end of the year is the top time to ask for donations, but how well did they perform in late 2013? According to reports from Experian and Return Path, holiday email opens were at an all-time high and mobile email soared. These findings may be important to keep in mind as nonprofits craft their email strategies for 2014 to increase the number of online and mobile donations they receive.

Experian discovered marketers were sending a higher volume of emails during the holidays in 2013.

"Traditionally, as email volume increases, performance decreases, but in the 2013 holiday season, we saw the opposite," said Peter DeNunzio, general manager of cross-channel marketing at Experian.

This could be an encouraging sign for charities that have shifted to email as a primary method of sending donation appeals. However, it isn't enough to just be sending emails - nonprofits need to optimize for mobile. Return Path found that 51 percent of email opens during November and December came from mobile devices. Because this is an essential time for end-of-the-year donations, charitable foundations should take note of the growing effectiveness of mobile. 

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