Easy tips to host an online auction

Online auctions are versatile and extremely beneficial for nonprofits. They engage Web-using donors and create a sense of community despite being held over the Internet. Whether the auction is held in conjunction with a larger event or it acts as a singular event, it will garner quite a bit of attention for a cause and be a fun activity for volunteers and employees to raise money for something they care about. 

Start with proper payment systems
To run an online auction smoothly, nonprofits can invest in proper donation management software so all transactions are accurate, fast and smooth overall for donors. The correct payment system will make all the difference with an online auction and nonprofit employees won't want to leave anything to chance.

Promotion is key
Organizing a strong online auction depends on promotion efforts, educating volunteers on proper processes if need be and keeping accurate records. The promotional efforts are essential. Because an online auction doesn't have a physical location and event flyers, people will need to hear about it through social media, personal phone calls or emails. Sharing the event online will garner the most interest and provide an easy opportunity for people browsing the Internet to get involved should they be interested.

Track everything and train volunteers accordingly
In a similar manner to live or silent auctions, nonprofits should make sure every employee and volunteer involved in the event is prepared and educated on how to assist participants in any way possible. This will help the event run smoothly and keep any setbacks at a minimum. Additionally, keep detailed records of everything from the number of participants to the amount of money donated. This will help down the line when it comes time to report the success of the event as well as plan a new and more effective online auction.

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