Developing a lasting relationship with major donors

Each and every donor is just as important to the organization as the next. Support for a cause needs every type of giver, whether a person offers their time, knowledge or money to raise awareness. There is no right or wrong way to donate to an organization, and developing a lasting relationship with donors takes precedence over many other responsibilities at the nonprofit. Establishing a meaningful connection with nonprofit supporters is important for the future of the organization and can help any cause become a well-known and influential part of society. Without the undying attention from loyal contributors, there is little to be expected of an organization.

Of those who give to the nonprofit financially, there is a group called major gift donors. These supporters give above and beyond as they truly believe in the mission, work and vision of the organization. These types of gifts are often larger and provide a good foundation for the organization. For instance, if a major donor of a university offers a multiple figure gift and declares it be for scholarships, he or she helps establish a strong foundation for academic success that someone otherwise may not have been fortunate enough to have. But these donors should never be treated as one-time supporters. They are embedded in the DNA of the organization and should remain so for years and decades to come. This is possible by implementing the following tactics into the fundraising plan:

Show passion: An honest and vibrant love for the cause will be contagious, says the Nonprofit Hub. If there is a desire to be better, do greater things and change the world, major donors will be on board for the long haul.

Create a solution together: Oftentimes wealthier benefactors have invaluable experience. Work with them to create a better organization. Returning to the university example, sitting down with nonprofit VIPs and setting up a scholarship endowment together will give the donors a feeling of purpose, involvement and commitment to the future.

Defend the mission: Keep the mission and vision of the organization close to heart. The mission is the heart and soul of the nonprofit and the main reason why people will ultimately stick with it. This statement is unwavering and embodies the past, present and future that means so much to big donors.

Plan the right events: Fundraisers are a great way to keep donors involved and excited about the community surrounding a cause. But not only should nonprofits plan engaging parties, but also recognition or appreciation events. These celebrate the gifts of the nonprofit and put supporters in the spotlight for their good works.

Utilize online and offline tactics: While daily phone calls and lunch meetings may seem unrealistic, communicating with major donors through social media, email marketing, direct mail and other avenues make consistent interaction possible. Invest in the proper Internet solutions to accept donations online and allow those who wish to keep in touch with the organization via the World Wide Web informed and excited about the cause.

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