Determining donor demographics enhances fundraising efforts

When nonprofits start planning their donor outreach programs, they may find it helpful to conduct research on the demographic of people supporting the cause. Charity fundraising ideas aren't always easy to come up with year after year. But if organizations are able to target donors with specific messages and understand what efforts to spend time on, they will be able to connect with more people on a deeper level.

A wide variety of people support nonprofits, volunteer their time and donate funds to support a cause, and knowing how the cause is resonating with the surrounding community is incredibly beneficial when planning future fundraising tactics and outreach methods.

Analyzing demographics
A recent article for Nonprofit Quarterly written by Simone Joyaux shed light on how some preconceived notions don't particularly reign true for nonprofits. For instance, it may seem like organizations extend fundraising efforts to those who have the money to give to the cause. However, this is not always the best approach.

Philanthropy doesn't necessarily revolve around how much money there is to give. It involves the willingness of people to work against what Joyaux calls a selfish nature and make the effort to offer time and friendship. Many charities focus on the top of the pyramid of wealth, reaching out to a few, yet incredibly wealthy donors. However, wealthier people aren't necessarily better or anymore willing to invest time or money into a philanthropy than less those who give smaller gifts.

Take a different look at donors
Joyaux suggests organizations throw the pyramid idea aside when planning fundraising strategies and build their own pyramid that will offer them more success. This doesn't mean that they need to reject the rich, they just need to focus on where they will make the biggest difference instead of the areas where they may, by chance, find success.

This methodology requires nonprofits to think hard about who their current donors are and, with that knowledge, how they can reach out to more people . Fundraising solutions company Trip Point Fundraising recommends first categorizing gift givers by those who offer a large sum of money and those who have loyally supported the cause over the years. Finding which group is more capable and which is more inclined to donate will help adjust outreach campaigns and events.

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