December's monthly news roundup

Providing you with the most pertinent news is one of our primary goals at iATS Payments. Staying informed on trends and patterns in the nonprofit world is crucial. December placed an emphasis on holiday, end-of-the year donations and personalizing communication efforts. By knowing the best methods to encourage giving during this special time of year, your nonprofit can capitalize on a high number of gains. Here are the top-performing articles from last month in case you missed them: 

5 holiday fundraising tips for nonprofits
Providing individuals with a chance to volunteer benefits nonprofits – especially during the holiday season. In addition, offering these opportunities also increases loyalty to your cause.

Instigating an emotional connection by sharing a specific story of an individual who has received help from your organization or someone who has been affected by the message you and your organization stand for.

It's especially important to acknowledge and incorporate different holidays to encourage donors to give. Also, inform each individual that provides a gift where his or her donation is going and if they like what your nonprofit does, offer the ability to easily give recurring gifts.

How to make last-minute emails count
Making the most of the final emails sent at the end of each year is crucial. The content, timeliness, headline and mobility of a message are all factors that impact its performance. Make sure to create a compelling email with an attention-grabbing headline. Also, sending your message during days, like Dec. 27 or 28, when email traffic is lower, can increase the effectiveness. As always, ensure your message has a mobile-responsive design because of the abundance of smartphones and tablets that people rely on for emails.

Personalized communications drive donations
Connect individuals to your nonprofit by personalizing their experience with you. Identifying the type of donor someone is and creating a unique communication strategy for each is a great way to connect. Know who your new, retained and lapsed donors are and send a corresponding message to each of them.

Welcome new members to your donation community and share your message with them clearly and don't abandon loyal contributors. Send them invites to events and continue to incorporate them actively in your nonprofit. If a donor has ceased to give, reach out to re-engage them with the cause. Consider a conducting a campaign to match donation gifts to boost the impact they have on a cause.

These were our top performing articles in December. Our readers really enjoyed them and we did too. Creating seasonal material and campaigns is a great way to connect with the public. Also, developing a strategy when sending emails and personalizing each donor's experience with your nonprofit are simple ways to encourage both loyalty and giving. Check out our blog for additional news and trends in the nonprofit world. We hope you enjoyed these articles!

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