Customer service's impact on nonprofit partnerships

One of the golden rules in any business or nonprofit partnership is to serve the customer well. Client care has a tangible effect on the bottom line of any organization. The difference between strong and poor service could be large sums of money, highlighting the importance of strong customer care in any type of partnership.

Nonprofits looking to partner with third-party businesses to enhance operations should place a priority on finding an organization that emphasizes service. Businesses that prioritize service are more likely to establish quality and long-lasting relationships, or ones that are mutually beneficial for both parties. A recent Dimensional Research study found that respondents ranked customer service as the No. 1 factor impacting vendor trust. In fact, 62 percent of business-to-business customers purchased more after a positive customer experience.

Customer service drives successful partnerships
If a third-party vendor can create positive relationships with its clients, they are helping both themselves and their partners. Not only does the business add to its bottom line, its partner can work more efficiently and serve its donors better. For instance, a nonprofit that partners with a certified payment processing firm that provides outstanding customer service can serve its donors better if they fully understand the technology and offer contributors easy ways to make donations. 

If a nonprofit with a trusted payment processor can provide a better donation experience for its contributors, they may be more likely to process more gifts as a result. An American Express customer survey found that nearly 60 percent of respondents would try a new brand or company for a better service experience. Nonprofits can position themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace as client care leaders, providing an easier and more enjoyable donation experience. In doing so, the charitable organization could improve both donor retention and acquisition rates. 

By partnering with an organization that emphasizes customer service, nonprofits can better serve their own donors. Strong client care has a tangible and positive impact on the bottom line, regardless of an organization's industry. Providing contributors with strong client care and multiple donation options demonstrates the nonprofit values its contributors and cares about their needs. This type of service could lead to further and more consistent donations down the road as a result. Creating a service-oriented culture will help acquire and keep donors. 

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