Creative ways to keep your donors around

While your nonprofit likely welcomes new donors with open arms, retaining existing ones should be one of your top priorities. By keeping donors around, your nonprofit can build a relationship with these individuals and potentially increase their gift-giving.

Know why its important to keep donors coming back
It costs more to try to interest a new individual to give to your organization than to keep a current donor on board, according to the Nonprofit Quarterly. It actually can cost five times more to invest in a marketing strategy to reach new donors than simply continuing a relationship with existing benefactors.

It makes good sense to retain your current donors to save money and ultimately provide more money to the cause that is important to your operation.

Let donors know they matter
The people who give money to your nonprofit serve an essential function in the furthering of your mission. It's a good idea to let them know how important they are on a regular basis.

"First, believe deeply - in your heart and then in your brain - that donors matter," said Simone Joyaux of Joyaux Associates, according to npENGAGE. "Second, genuinely respect and honor your donors and the difference that they make in the world. Third, behave accordingly! Strategy only works when it's based on heartfelt beliefs and deep commitment."

Make it easy and rewarding 
Ensure that you can accept online donations and other forms of payment, such as checks. Allow your donors to give gifts to your charity easily. Simplicity is key. The Nonprofit Hub noted that the available payment methods should be clear and accessible to those who want to make a donation.

Your website should be simple and everyone should be capable of navigating through it and finding your donation form and any other information they are interested in obtaining regarding your nonprofit and its mission.

In addition, you may want to consider thanking your donors and informing them how their gift will be used. This personalizes the experience for your benefactors and can help build a trusting relationship.

You should also use social media to your advantage. Interact and engage with users. Follow the donors who have given in the past on Twtter and give them a shout-out every once in awhile thanking them for the contributions they have made to your cause.

Ask your donors for their input
Social networks can be used to post surveys and questionnaires to give your nonprofit the data and information necessary to determine how you can enhance donors' experiences with your nonprofit. Keep the number of questions low and allow participants to give brief responses. 

Consider calling or hosting an event for benefactors and asking if they would be willing to talk about their experience with your organization. You can gain a great deal of insight from opening the floor for discussion between you and the individuals who give. You can celebrate their contributions, express your gratitude and learn something along the way. 

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