Creating a mobile-friendly website for your nonprofit

In today's age, mobility is king. People depend on their smartphones and tablets for everything, from getting their daily news to staying connected with family and friends. Your nonprofit can benefit from establishing a strong mobile-friendly website that individuals can easily navigate and use to make donations. Creating a quality mobile-friendly website is crucial for your nonprofit's success.

Donors prefer to browse the Internet on mobile devices 
According to The Nonprofit Times, benefactors are becoming more dependent on their mobile devices to make donations. Polled nonprofits reported that from 2013 to 2014, 42 percent more donations were made on a mobile device, and 35 percent more Web traffic came from mobile devices.

The volume of mobile Internet browsing is particularly impressive when compared to desktop searches. BIA​/Kelsey, an advertising and consulting firm, anticipated that the number of internet searches done on a mobile device will outperform desktop browsing in 2015. In 2016, mobile searches are expected to exceed desktop searches by more than 27 billion.

It is crucial that nonprofits embrace this trend and evolve accordingly. Functional and simple mobile-friendly websites will be increasingly important as people become more dependent on their devices.

Creating a quality mobile website
It is essential to offer your donors a mobile-responsive design when creating a website. Ensure that your donation button is very prominent on your site.

When you accept online donations through mobile devices, make sure that the process is quick and easy. Consider asking if donors would like to create an account or sign up for your newsletter after giving their gift. If your nonprofit asks this before the donation is processed, it may slow donors down and deter potential benefactors from giving your nonprofit a gift.

Tips for your nonprofit's website
Your mobile-friendly site should make donating and signing up to volunteer volunteering quick and easy. Ensure that navigation is simple and potential donors can submit online donations in a timely manner. 

When creating your navigation, you should follow these best practices:

  • Focus on relevant information. Not every piece of content needs to be on your navigation because too much information can overwhelm your donors. Only include the information that donors will likely want to know first. 
  • Keep your copy short and simple. Too much copy can cause your navigation to appear cluttered, making it harder to read. Stick with simple language that donors can easily scan to find what they need. 
  • Use dropdown menus. If you have more content that won't fit on your main navigation, you can use dropdown menus to expand on your main topics. Keep your dropdown menus to one tier and use simple copy to make everything easy to read. 

For more inspiration on how you can create your website's navigation, check out this list of top nonprofit websites.

Network for Good, a fundraising guide, also recommended first becoming familiar with your audience and tailoring your mobile-friendly website to these individuals. Determine whether your visitors are coming to your site through a search engine, social media or a link in an email. This can help you decide how to market your website.

Consider asking individuals who visit your mobile-friendly site and make donations to respond to a survey to evaluate whether they are coming to make donations, volunteer or get information. This can help you tailor your website toward the audience. 

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