Crafting a strong case statement: Part 2

Every nonprofit needs a high-quality and well-written case statement. It serves as a marketing tool that can encourage potential donors to give to your organization. Have your case statement published on a handout or brochure that you can easily give to individuals interested in contributing to your nonprofit.

Creating a case statement should reflect who you are as a nonprofit and let donors know exactly what your mission and vision consist of. Follow these tips when you write your nonprofit's case statement:

Choose your language carefully
Remember you are crafting statement to reach a wide audience of individuals. Try not to use vocabulary that is specific to your industry or mission that your audience may not understand. The Nonprofit Hub noted that this is one of the common mistakes charities make when writing their statement. Keep it simple and ensure that everyone can easily digest the information you are providing.

Be passionate
Your case statement should successfully portray your passion and the strong emotions you feel for your mission. This is the perfect time to provide emotionally provocative content that inspires a reaction from your audience. Tell a story about an experience you, your donors or one of your volunteers had while working with the nonprofit.The Fundraising Authority recommended opening your case statement with a moving story because readers will determine whether the content is worth continuing to read through in the first couple paragraphs.

Provide options for everyone
Let your readers know all of the different ways they can contribute to your cause. Allow them to donate various amounts of money, participate in an annual giving campaign or volunteer. Outline what opportunities are available with your organization and how they can get more deeply involved in your mission.

Remember you want to reach as many individuals as possible. Some people are in a situation where they can contribute large amounts of money while others are not. Do not limit the number of donations your nonprofit receives because you focus on the benefits of large gifts from your loyal benefactors. Let people know how small contributions or volunteering can positively impact your operation's mission.

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