Content marketing popular among nonprofits

Quickly becoming one of the most popular practices for advertisers, content marketing has proven to be a dynamic and useful tool for a variety of industries, including charitable foundations.

In a recent study from the Content Marketing Institute, research revealed that not only are nonprofits actively including content marketing in fundraising campaigns, but they're dedicating significant resources to do so. Data showed 92 percent of organizations are implementing the tactic, and of that, 91 percent are publishing the content via Facebook. However, despite overwhelming embracing the concept, several nonprofits still admit to having only a tenuous grasp on the popular strategy.

"Forty-five percent of nonprofit professionals are challenged with a lack of knowledge and training about content marketing, compared with 26 percent of for-profit marketers," says Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute.

While nearly 70 percent of organizations have someone helming their content marketing campaigns, only a quarter have clearly defined their strategies for implementation – leaving much to be desired.

Content marketing mistakes
For nonprofits, the purpose of content marketing is to inspire continual contributions, yes, but it's also to encourage first time donors and pique the interests of people previously unaware of your organizations.

A common mistake nonprofits make is reformatting old promotional materials to act as new content, according to Business2Community. Sure, it may keep current donors interested, but it fails to generate significant buzz outside of existing social circles. When creating content, focus on prospecting. Content should be a vessel to ferry the attention of potential contributors to your organization, not to only let people know your organization accepts donations online. By providing more education, charities have a much greater chance of attracting fresh faces.

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