Content calendar tips to improve donor interaction

Nonprofits have moved into the online realm and need to take advantage of every opportunity they have to improve their website and social media content. Donors and prospects research the organization's cause on the Internet and will only be prompted to get involved if they are interested in what the nonprofit has to say online. The image a charitable foundation portrays on the Internet has a significant impact on the number of donations and supporters who invest their time, energy and funds into the cause. The first step to having a better online presence is to have a plan.

This is where content calendars come in. A strong website and intriguing social media interaction will lead people to fill out online donation forms, and this starts with an organized and smart approach to writing and publishing content. Here are three tips for nonprofits developing a content calendar to increase online donations:

1. Decide what kind of content to produce
Nonprofits can benefit from news articles, research and reports, evergreen content, a variety of social media updates and infographics, among other types of content. Sit down with the marketing team and discuss when and how to produce a variety of copy and visuals for the website, blog and social media profiles.

2. Be cognizant of important dates
It's important to provide timely articles on current news matters that affect the organization, in additional to holiday content and promotional stories and updates about upcoming events. This content will excite readers as well as educate them when it counts the most.

3. Don't forget to be spontaneous
A content calendar should always leave room for spontaneous content, such as fun posts from volunteers or fundraising organizers. Spice up the blog with a short blurb about an upcoming event or post high-quality photos to the Facebook page on a whim every once in awhile.

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